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Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

Be Safe, Be Caring, Be a Learner

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Seesaw and Tapestry


What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a secure online ‘classroom’ and Learning Journal, similar to Tapestry (which we use in the Early Years Foundation Stage), where children and staff can set work, record audio clips, add photos, observations and comments about your child’s learning. This platform is available as an app or via a desktop computer. At Cherry Tree Hill Primary School, we are initially using Seesaw to ensure that students can continue with their learning remotely in the event of a bubble closure, lockdown or self-isolation. In the future, we are hoping to use this platform to set and complete homework tasks, as part of our commitment to reduce our paper usage in school.

An Introduction Video For Families

Watch this video learn what Seesaw is, how to connect and sign in, and how to use the Family app.

How does Seesaw work?

Seesaw provides each individual child with their own Learning Journal held online. Parents and carers are given their own log-in. All our staff are given a secure log-in. They can then upload observations, photos or videos; recording children’s achievements and assessing their learning.

Parents can change their settings so that an email is then automatically generated informing them when an work has been added so they can have a look and add any comments of their own.

We have sent home a login page with a unique code for Seesaw Class, which is the app your child will use to complete work. On the reverse, there is a login with a unique code for Seesaw Family where you can see your child’s work and feedback.

A Video Introduction For Students

Children watch this video learn what Seesaw is, how to sign in, how to post to your Journal, and how to respond to activities.

Who can access Seesaw?

You can choose to share your Seesaw Family log in details with extended family if you wish, so they can see your child’s Learning Journal. The Seesaw Class code should only be used by your child.

It is vital that you keep your Seesaw Class and Seesaw Family login codes secure, these should be treated as a password.


How can I view my child’s Learning Journals?

Once logged in, you will see your child’s work on your home screen in a list – selecting any one of these will open up the work for you to look at. You may add comments in the box at the bottom of the work if you would like to – and we would love to receive such comments!


How do I know that my child’s Learning Journal has been updated?

The system will automatically send you an email when an work for your child has been added.


Who can access my Child’s Learning Journal?

At school we have access to all of the children’s Learning Journals.  The only other people that can see your child’s account will be yourselves and anyone that you share your log in details with, such as Grandparents etc. 



We really hope that you enjoy using Seesaw and that it helps to keep you feeling informed about your child’s learning.  If you have any questions or problems using Seesaw then please let us know.



What is Tapestry?  

Tapestry is an online application that collates learning that takes place for every child in Nursery and Reception. A range of media such as photographs, videos and written observations are taken of the child to highlight new learning that has taken place. Communication between school and home is an integral part of school life and Tapestry allows both parents and practitioners to discuss, comment or ask questions. 

A Video Introduction For Parents: Setting up your account

This video runs through how to set up your account as a parent or relative on Tapestry.

A Video Introduction For Parents: Setting up your notifications

This video runs through how to set up your notification preferences as a parent/relative on Tapestry.

Remote Learning and Tapestry

Our remote learning is also available on Tapestry during a school or bubble closure. Here, we set challenges, tasks and activities for children to complete via video or photographs and these are commented on by staff members regularly. Here at Cherry Tree Hill Primary School, we understand and promote the key value of reading and so bedtime stories that have been recorded by staff are also available on Tapestry for parents to access.  


If a child is isolating, current work is sent home in the form of a paper pack and Tapestry is used as a way to communicate with parents and for them to share their work at home.  




Having technological problems? Please send an email to and someone will be able to support you with accessing Tapestry or Seesaw.  

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Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

‘ Be Safe, Be Caring, Be a Learner ‘

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