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Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

Be Safe, Be Caring, Be a Learner

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Handwriting is the explicit teaching of letter formation and joins. Effective handwriting impacts the wider curriculum and the development of the whole child. 



We want all of our children to take pride in their presentation and as the children become more proficient with their letter formation, we advocate a cursive/ joined-up handwriting style throughout school. We follow a Handwriting Scheme, which is taught and reinforced throughout the curriculum. 



Our Handwriting Programme is based on ‘Improvement in School through Handwriting and Art Scheme’ (ISHA):


All handwriting lessons are live modelled by an adult using language, interaction and clear structure to provide the knowledge and understanding of how to handwrite effectively.

The Handwriting Policy uses sharp, angled lines and north east flicks and joins. We use the vocabulary “tall” (ascending) “short” and “tail” (descending) to describe letter size and orientation. We use the term “coat hangers” to describe the gentle curve formed in letters such as s and c.


We discuss with the children the following ‘good habits’ for handwriting:

  • BBC- Bottom at the back of the chair.
  • TNT- Tummy near to the table.
  • Legs Set- e.g. 4 chair legs and 2 feet touching the floor.
  • Pencil grip- We advocate a ‘tripod’ grip and suggest that left-handed children leave roughly 2cm at the end of the pencil and right-handed children leave 1cm at the end of the pencil.
  • Hands set- 1 hand steadying the paper, 1 hand holding the pencil.
  • Posture check- Back straight and head up.



In our Early Years, we provide opportunities for the children to develop their gross and fine motor skills ready for early writing. The children engage in 'Dough Disco' and 'Squiggle whilst you wiggle,' alongside opportunities in continuous provision to further develop these skills such as climbing, pouring and funky finger gym stations. 

Celebrating Handwriting in our School



If you would like to support your child at home with their handwriting, take a look at some of the website links below. We have also included a sample of the handwriting lines we encourage children to use in school.


Have you tried?

  • Getting children to write the shopping list
  • Signing their name on a card
  • Writing letters/ postcards to family, friends or local neighbour/ care homes
  • Provide a variety of pens/ pencils/ materials to write with
  • Playing with playdough to strengthen fingers
  • Painting the walls with water to develop elbow/ arm strength/ coordinatioN

EYFS Handwriting Lines

KS1/2 Handwriting Lines

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Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

‘ Be Safe, Be Caring, Be a Learner ‘

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