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Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

Be Safe, Be Caring, Be a Learner

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At Cherry Tree Hill we believe it is essential that our pupils are equipped with the tools they need to support them in growing up in modern British society. As a result of this, we want all pupils that attend our school to have the opportunity to develop a strong set of values and principles, and question and understand wht it means to grow up in British society.


Our curriculum is designed to ensure that our pupils have the opportunity to learn and reflect on the British values that underpin our lives and to recognise the valuable role that they play as emerging citizens in British society.


We aim to ensure:



Explore beliefs and experience; respect faiths, feelings and values; enjoying learning about oneself, others and the surrounding world; use imagination and creativity; reflect.




Recognise right and wrong; respect the law; understand consequences; investigate moral and ethical issues; offer reasoned views.




Use a range of social skills; participate in the local community; appreciate diverse viewpoints; participate, volunteer abd cooperate; resolve conflict; engage with the 'British Values' of democracy, the rule of law, liberty, respect and tolerance.




Appreicate cultural influences, appreciate the role of Britains parliamentary system; participate in culture opportunities; understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity. 




At Cherry Tree Hill, through regular worships, references in RE and other lessons, as well as seizing upon opportunities in other areas of the school children are taught the values of SMSC.


As a school we welcome children from all backgrounds and are proud of how children and their families from other cultures are welcomed by our children and the rest of the school community.


In all teaching the teachers look to inspire the children. Teachers look to develop a love of learning and a working atmosphere where children enjoy learning. Children are given opportunities to take on responsibility around the school: Y6 Prefects, office helpers, class monitors, gardening projects, eco council, school council and after school clubs.


The school has a clear behaviour policy that sets high expectations and promotes a good moral understanding, mutual respect, tolerance and understanding. Each class has the opportunity each year to perform to other year groups and their parents through a year group assembly and annual phase performances. Friendship, respect and tolerance are taught as part of our Personal, Social, Health Education program. Through a combination of approaches the school is able to ensure that children develop an understanding of the key British Values: Democracy, Rule of Law, Mutual Respect, Personal Liberty and Tolerance of other faiths and cultures.

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Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

‘ Be Safe, Be Caring, Be a Learner ‘

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